Buying Shower Control Kits in Belfast

Shower Controls and Kits

First of all let’s talk a bit about shower controls and the kits that drive them. When we talk about shower controls or shower valves, we are really talking about the mechanism that controls the release of water at the required temperature through the shower unit. These shower kits include the shower hose and shower head, while also including a riser bar whose job it is to hold the shower head in place. The riser bar allows you to adjust the height of the shower head to suit the needs of the person using the shower. The best bathroom suppliers Northern Ireland use, tend to offer a wide variety of shower kits and this seems to be what sets them apart from the competition.

shower kits

The shower valve either heats the water or simply mixes cold water with hot water to achieve the desired temperature. There are basic types of shower control, electric showers (which function similar to how an electric kettle heats water) or mixer shower (which functions the same as a hot and cold combined tap).

Electric Showers

These types of shower connect only to the cold water supply and do not use the hot water supply in anyway. They come in a variety of different types but they are usually for mains or cistern fed supplies. Electric elements heat the water exactly the same way as a kettle heats water, only with an electric shower the heating coils are much larger.

Mixer Shower Valves

This type of shower connects directly to the hot and cold water suppliers in the home, similar in the way that your hot and cold taps connect. The function of this type of shower is to mix hot and cold water from these supplies to create a temperature suitable for showering. The user of the shower then adjusts the volume of hot or cold water to get the temperature just right. The flow-rate of this shower is entirely dependent on the hot-water system of the home and the pressure levels achievable. If the pressure is not sufficient, a pump can be fitted to increase the pressure, creating a power shower. Although these types of shower generally achieve higher pressures than electric showers, sometimes the pressure can be quite low. In this scenario, you will have no other choice but to fit a pump.

power shower

Now that we’ve discussed the type of showers available through bathroom supply houses in Northern Ireland, you will be able to make a more informed decision on which to buy. It is best to have all the information before spending money on these products.

Finding Bathroom Suppliers in Northern Ireland

I have been on a quest to find the best bathroom suppliers Northern Ireland can possibly provide and up until now, this has proved a difficult task. Finding a bathroom supplier that is reliable with great customer service can be difficult in this area and if you add to that list, the need for value for money, you will find yourself in a difficult predicament. I have spent the last few years purchasing suites, showers and other fixtures, in attempt to seek out the very best and I believe I have finally found the best company. Below I have listed a number of attributes to look for when picking out a supplier and I will also rate a number of services on my next post.


Value for Money

First of all you should ascertain whether or not they provide value for money in comparison to other suppliers. This can be easily done by checking other online stores and comparing products. This is made even easier by the use of price comparison websites that do all the hard work for you. At the end of the day, we want to pay as little as possible for our new bathroom suite and this is only achievable by shopping around.

Quality of Products

Price is not always everything, as there is no point getting a low price for an inferior product. This is what I like to call a ‘false economy’, as you end up paying more in the long run. Check that the supplier sources its products from reputable manufacturers, preferably manufacturers based in the UK or Ireland. Products from these countries are of considerably higher quality than those shipped from China and Taiwan. If the manufacturers are not listed on the website, contact the company and ask them to forward you a list of makes and manufacturers they use.


Customer Service

Customer service is of the utmost important when purchasing any type of goods, not just bathroom supplies. If you have any problems with your products after you make the purchase, you will want to be able to get a solution to your problem as quick as possible. This can only be achieved in a timely manner if the company has a good customer service centre which is highly available. Check reviews to try and determine which company has the best support. If you are unable to find out from the reviews, try and call the company and see for yourself what sort of service you experience.

If you follow the above guidelines you will be able to find a great bathroom supplier in Northern Ireland. Another article on this subject will follow shortly. Click here to find out how I chose a great service.


Cabinet Layout Plan

By far the simplest approach to laying out kitchen units on the floor plan is to employ the subtraction method. To use this method, every room measurement needs to be converted to inches first and the width of each unit or electrical appliance fitted is subtracted from the amount of wall space. Once you have deducted the width of all the units, if done correctly, you should be left with no space remaining, but instead you will have the exact measurements for the cabinets to fill the wall space.


To fully comprehend this deduction method, have a look at the images below. For example purposes, let’s just say the U-shaped kitchen contains the following furniture;

  • double-bowl sink with a 36 inch unit
  • refrigerator which is 36 inches wide
  •  25 inch wide range

Additionally, the wall the kitchen is fitted against is 141 inches long and has a window in the centre. The right section of the U-shape is 87 inches and the left section of the U-shape is 75 inches. As you can see, the space between the sink and the wall on the right is 66 inches. Subtracting 18 inches from this to cover the sink cabinet will leave us with 48 inches. The primary cabinet to be fitted is the corner base cabinet. If the unit is a 33 inch revolving base corner cabinet this leaves 15 inches. The drawer unit will be fitted next to the sink which is standard for the storage of kitchen utensils. This unit is 15 inches, so the back section of the U-shape is fitted snuggly in place, with no overlaps or overhangs. To finish the back section, we will install the second rotary comer cabinet. A 24 inch unit, wash machine or dishwasher can be fitted next to complete the entire back section of the kitchen. Now that the first section has been completed, we move onto the right section of the U-shaped design. The rotary cabinet will take up 33 inches of the 87 inches available, and the 36 inch wide refrigerator will leave only 18 inches. A base cabinet which is exactly this width will complete this section.


The composition of the left section is quite different. With this section you will need a 33 inch rotary cabinet as well as a 36 inch gap for the range, leaving one last space to be filled. Seeing as there is no base cabinet to fit this space, the most straightforward way of filling this area is to increase the size of the unit that houses the range. This completely fills the space with no need to use fillers of any kind. To finish the kitchen layout, hanging cabinets for the wall are fitted. For optimum storage and aesthetics, the width of each hanging unit must correspond with the width of the unit or appliance below. For the end unit, open shelves are a more attractive and certainly a more economic option. It is worth nothing that the subtraction method can be applied to any kitchen layout.


Kitchen Design – What’s new in 2013

There has been many designers who have bucked the usual design trends in 2013 and fully embraced the more social aspects of the kitchen space. Kitchens have evolved greatly from the sterile work environments that used to be common throughout the UK and Ireland. The kitchen is the social centre of the home that caters to the needs of the whole family, whether that is sustenance, interaction or entertainment. Today’s designs need to incorporate all of these needs but also needs to be stylish and relevant to the design of the home as a whole.


The Darkness Rescinds

The number of people who are opting for darker shades of wood in their kitchen has fell dramatically in the last twelve months, with many people choosing lighter, more neutral colours instead. Oak and pine are now a common feature in modern kitchen designs, with many designers favouring the more uplifting and spacious feel that lighter finishes give. Neutral tones are intertwined with more aggressive colouring for various features, leaving a stunning affect that warms the sole and reeks of sophistication.

The Eclectic Kitchen

No more should we be governed by one particular theme but instead we should adopt an eclectic approach to kitchen design. This has seen people retreat hastily from the fitted kitchen, instead preferring to match pieces from various sources. This is not only a lot cheaper but also gives your kitchen a modern theme with very little likeness to any other concept. Going for out of the ordinary finishes as opposed to traditional looks has increased in popularity recently. Rather than leave the kitchen feeling cold and unwelcoming, people entering the room feel uplifted and content. Having a room where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed is essential if you are entertaining guests.

These are just two of the trends that are currently sweeping the nation. Visit this website regularly to see what else is trending in 2013.

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